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 Currently a Cultural Immersion Artist, initially a special Artist invitee guest of the Ministry of Arts & Culture to the Republic of Cameroon, as a part of Fulbright Scholar Dr. Lisa Aubrey's (Art & Culture/History/Heritage/Genealogical/Academic Research Team) African Diasporan Pilgrimage Program. Also serves as Co-Chair of her Scholarship & School Supply Drive as Artist presenter/lecturer/researcher in Europe with (@Valeurs d' Afrique -Pagnes & Boubous/Black Paris Tour) Paris, France, Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam. Then into Africa at various art galleries, studios, schools, universities, centers, town halls, host facilities, etc, in over 20 African cities locations: Douala, Buea, Dschang, Domendari, Yaoundé, Bafia, Bafang, Bafoussam, Bamejendaia, Mboa, Sawa Bekoko, Bonendale, Bana Royal Kingdom, Bamenda, Mankon Royal Kingdom, Bafut Royal Kingdom & Museum, Foumban Kingdom Royal Palace & House of Thrones Museum, Melong, Ekam Falls, Kribi, Lobe Falls, Limbe. All cumulating at ancestral honored pilgrimages to her recent discovery of the enslave site at BIMBIA. Which has been officially recognized by the Cameroonian Government and declared a National Cultural Heritage Site, as well as by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization) as a World Heritage Site. Now the scholarly historic subject matter of her newly published released book, "In Search of " (2019) *Professional Artist-Memberships: - (Artist-in-Residence/Board Chair) Linden 4-H Club Art Mentor Urban Cultural Arts Foundation @ William H. Thomas Gallery (Board of Directors Member) @ Inaugural African Village Arts Festival, Youth Job Leader @ Neighborhood House, Nommo Society (1st World Artists Collective), NAACP ACT-SO/Youth Artist Mentor (Award Winning Art Mentee), ACE Gallery (Art for Community Expression), Ohio Art League, Fresh AIR Gallery & Artists Circle, Columbus Museum of Art- Society of African-American Art (Charter/Membership), Omega Life Member/Omega Graphics - Ω M.A.P Committee (Marketing-Advertising-Promotions), ALLRQulture, also serves on Art panels and judge for several community events, centers, etc. Active involvement in countless activities of activism, advocacy, fraternity social action, community service, uplift, cultural program events, youth oriented programs & philanthropic causes locally, nationally and internationally ongoing to date.
Original Flavor® > Franklin County Government > New Harvest Cafe + Roots & Reconnection into the standardize procedures, rules & regulatory guidelines of Graphic work specifications required for County Government Graphics & Signage. Expanding his talents from the Campus North Hight St. area to Downtown on South High St. with his Workshop/Department Office within the Franklin County Courthouse Government Complex in PFM (Public Facilities Management). Now working under the auspices of Franklin County Commissioners, Melle served as the sole Franklin County Signs & Graphics Technician. PFM received numerous Local & National Awards for it's exceptional performance in the stewardship of its County Facilities. His duties included the design, production, maintenance, installation and departmental supervision of all 28-County buildings, grounds & project Graphics. Single-handedly bringing his department's work area up-to-date, under budget, and into more efficient production skills & turn-around time equal to or better than most outside private sector Graphic businesses. Bringing PFM's Graphics & Signage in-house undertakings into the latest upgrade standards into the 2000/Millennium. Eventually moving to do work for a stint for the State of Ohio.
“Melle Mel” then established ORIGINAL FLAVOR® to further creatively expand upon his skills and compliment the initial business concepts he had began at ORIGINAL ARTIFACTS. During this time he also expanded his talents, skills & abilities in the design and fabrication production work of Residential/Commercial/Corporate Signage for a local Ohio-based Vinyl Graphics & Sign Printing Company. By 1995 being once again highly sought after, he transitioned his Artistic career
New Harvest Urban Arts Center (501c3)
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Yet all the while staying abreast & in-tune with the latest emerging Computer-based Graphic Design technologies, as well as the Fine Art markets. For the last several years Melle began to further collaborate with another former Chicago native, entrepreneur & friend, Kwodwo Ababio (formerly of Afrika West Bookstore) within an Artist Collective to help assist in the formulation, development and establishment of the located in Columbus' newly revitalized Linden Business Area. Presently New Harvest Urban Arts Center  as the Artist-in-Residence/Art Director, creating an Artist's gallery housed inside this facility. While forging into the progressively upscale markets by launching into the Fine Art arena of Residential/Corporate Commissioned Original Paintings and the production of several Quality Signature Limited Editions Print Collections & Posters. Original Artwork to be sold directly from our Artists, Art Agents, Dealers & Sales Representatives from our Home Office/Gallery Collection or in Specialty Shops, Café/Coffee Houses, Upscale Boutiques,Art Galleries, Art Exhibits/Shows or Private & Public Art Auctions. Also the procurement of Unique Home Furnishings, Imports, Cultural items & 'One-of-a-Find' Accessories. While collaborating & marketing other established, emerging and new Artists, Designers, Craftsperson, Videographers, Models, Actors, Spoken Word/Poets, Authors, Playwrights, Bands, Singers and various genre Musicians as an emerging Community Arts Organization & Urban Business incubator. All based from within this ever-evolving facility, which serves as Gourmet Soulfood Cafe, an award winning Community Gardening Hub and Urban Farmer's Market. ("Come for the Food .... Stay for the Vibe")