“Melle Mel's” Jazz-inspired Art and other popular themes of Commissioned Artwork or signed prints are in various personal Art Collections throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and several countries in Africa. Once while painting in the window of the store front, he was approached by a Concert Promoter. This promoter and Band members commissioned him and presented his Artwork as a 1988 Birthday gift to (the now late) Jazz Legend, Miles Davis. During this literal 'once-in-a-lifetime' meeting, Mel took this opportunity to discuss with Mr. Davis that he was a young novice Jazz fan, but also what he had been slowing developing with his Artwork in conjunction with Live Jazz and Miles' own recorded music. During this discussion Mr. Davis impressed upon Mel how he though his work was unique, also that he too had recently begun to dabble in spontaneous Art sketches and made painting of his own which help put him at peace, which further inspired his own Musical creative energy flow in composing and arranging musical works for himself and his Band members. 'Miles' said how much he liked the originality of Mel's idea and the potentially of this new innovative 'Jazz-Art-Fusion' endeavor Mel had begun. 'Miles' advised and encouraged Mel to strive forward to continue to further develop his new innovative Artistic idea into a more genuine level of a new Art form. Thereby, “Melle Mel” became the originator of a progressively innovative Original Art creation style genre he dubbed, “LaJazArt"™ (Live - Audience - Jazz - Art). Which is an Original Artwork-in-Progress, being rhythmically created from a non pre-conceived start, simultaneously live on stage in sync with and brought forth in essence from the emotional vibes expressed from interaction with the performance of a Jam Session or live Jazz Concert. m This eventually led to “Melle Mel” creating “LaJazArt”™ live on stage with such great International Jazz Head- liners as Mercedes Ellington (Grand-daughter of the late Jazz Legend 'Duke' Ellington) “Symphony & Swing” - Music & Dance Troupe, The World Famous - Count Basie Orchestra and the Top-10 National Jazz Recording Artist & Saxophonist: “The Saxtress” Pamela Williams (Heads Up Productions/Red Ink/Shanachie Record Labels) Including all the finest Top Local Jazz Bands, Vocalists & Musicians at Salvi's/JazzFlight-106.3 FM-WCKX Bi-Monthly Live Radio Broadcasts, Jazz-&-Eggs, etc. Gene Walker's Generations Band, (the now late) Hank Marr, Jim Rupp, Jim Maneri, Bobby Floyd Trio, Mary McClendon, Jeanette Williams, Earl Love, Jimmi Hammonds, Jimmy Moore, Pharez Whitted (Motown-MoJazz Label), Jazz Patrol, by Special Request with 30-East Jazz Band @ Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.- 4th-District Convention Founders' Banquet, Moxie -featuring Mary Daniels, Urban Jazz Coalition (Currently #11 on the Smooth-Jazz Chart), The Governor -featuring Dolly, Vicki, Candi & Darcell, The Ken Weaver Trio & Nex Level @ Delta Sigma Theta's -Annual Jazz-Fusion, Michael T. Branner Conceptet @ Sigma Gamma Rho's -Annual Evening of the Arts Auction and more. Thereby, helping to bring both Art Lovers & Live Jazz admiring audiences together as they see, hear, mingle, feel and simultaneously share the experience of these spontaneous improvisational “Works-in-Progress” being created and Artistically expressed Live.
\ "LaJaArt" = ("Live - Audience - Jazz - Art")



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