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Departmental Offices, Athletic team members, etc. and it's surrounding mainstream and local urban community. This store became one of the earliest creators & successful companies of Original Art/Logo Designed Sportswear, based on Original Art -&- “Facts”, creatively applied upon OA-Logowear lines, Sportswear, Hip-Hop/Urban Influenced Clothing, Africentric Inspired Apparel, Authentic Cultural Artifacts & accessories. Thereby, offering innovative ideas, original products, unique services and introducing the OSU & local Columbus Urban market for the first-time to various new merchandise lines and to many new expanding Regional/National Trends with emphasis on positive Culturally diverse interaction & re-education. Their products spread throughout the Nation's College Campuses, Urban Cities, Pan-Hellenic Councils on various Paraphernalia at Fraternity & Sorority Regional/National Conventions, Business Expos, Block Parties, National Festivals, Sports Classic Events and Hip-Hop Fashion Shows. Also worn in some of the popular Music Videos of Chubb Rock, Public Enemy, George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars' customized concert apparel, The X-Clan BlackWatch Movement, R&B Recording Artists - Jade, on the runway on Super Model - Iman, also appearing on extras in “There Are No Children Here” an ABC TV-Movie produced by Oprah Winfrey (Harpo Productions), to name a few.
Custom Design Shop & Bookstore, along with his business partner Keith B. Key. Both were former OSU-Student/Athletes (Track-MR and Football-KBK) who while in college became close Friends, ( Ω ) Fraternity Brothers and actively engaged in Student Leadership, Community Service, Social, Philanthropic, Activist & Cultural activities on campus and some local & national levels. These Men later combined their talents, abilities, experiences and visions into a complimentary framework, which became Original Artifacts. Their innovative new campus store had the unique pioneering effort and history making accomplishment of being the first-ever African-American owned-&-operated retail business entrepreneurs battling their way into Columbus' highly competitive OSU-Campus/High Street Business Area. It's mission was to help fill the void of a Culturally-oriented business focusing on the Africentric needs and Multi-Culturally Diverse population at Ohio State and it’s many Students, Undergraduate Government, Organizations, Staff members, “ Melle Mel ” persevered and move on to survive unscathed to become Co-Owner of the Customized Cultural Designs of ORIGINAL ARTIFACTS
ORIGINAL ARTIFACTS Their most creative ideas and concepts, popular designs, innovative styles, unique application techniques and marketing strategies were ground-breaking. Trend-setting with peers, urban customers as well as the broad-based mainstream populations and the emerging Customized Graphic Design Art/Sportswear Industry in growing niche markets. Trailblazing, versatile, cutting edge, yet enduring into the eventual breakthrough and rise in acceptance of Urban Fashion trends in mainstream markets. Influences reflected in the Culture of Fashion, Movies & Music to flourish into the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, a re-emergence of an Africentric Movement and general access to the then newly emerging technologies of the now commonplace Personal Computer/Digital Age. Setting tones as creative visionaries and a part of the vanguard expressing trends of the things to come. Many spun off to influence competitors of that time or are still imitated, copied or progressed from it's early foundation to now being re-invented & re-popularized throughout the creative industry today as "Classics & Throwbacks." 1714 N. HIGH ST. - ( OSU - CAMPUS - FIRST ) ORIGINAL ARTIFACTS ~ DESIGN SHOP & BOOKSTORE