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noticed by others by the early age of 5. Throughout his school age years his creative talent & skills were recognized and often utilizing by his teachers, coaches or peers as the School Artist on various Art projects, plays, programs, yearbook, newspaper, sports, clubs, neighborhood businesses & local community organizations. He later graduated from the very talent filled Glenville Senior High School in Cleveland, with specialized emphasis in Fine Art & Industrial Arts. He was voted Most Artistic Graduating Senior by his peers. During the Summer he completed the coursework to receive Certificates in Graphic Design & Technical Illustrations at NASA-Lewis Research Center. He then went on to major in Industrial Design at The Ohio State University, ( Ω ) while a Varsity Letterman of the OSU-Varsity Track Team. After several years he combined his natural talents, training, formal educational studies, prior job & entrepreneurial work experiences, ARTIST BIO >
leaving school early when a unique opportunity came. He negotiated mutually beneficial business terms with a then newly formed business enterprise to fulfill his ambition to become a full-time Professional Visual Artist. The Artist more commonly known as “Melle Mel”, is a widely exhibited, Award-winning, Multi-skilled Visual Artist with over 30 years of professional experience directly in Art & Graphic Design. Widely known for his prolific array of Original Art Paintings, Prints, creative Graphic Art & Logo Designs, Artistic Apparel, Screen Printed, Air-Brushed Merchandise lines, Artifact accessories, Commercial Signage and diverse network of Marketing, Advertising & Promotional work. All of which were utilized as various retail products or in various means of Advertising, Media Publications and Set Props which received Nationwide exposure and appeal as Designs modeled in local TV & National Cable Commercials. This grew as he served for over 5-years back in the mid-to-late 80's as the most highly sought after premier Graphic Design Artist. (Mel rated #1 in Custom Art & Retail Sales for 4-of-5 Years) While also serving as the Advertising Graphics Specialist of this highly successful multi-million dollar Columbus, Ohio-based Artistic Sportswear & Leisure Apparel of the 22 retail chain stores (Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky) of the now 'infamous' - “Just Sweats, Inc.” Melvin Robinson, Jr. - a Chicago native whose God-given creative talents were encouraged by both his Father (Artist) and Mother, his family members and For more information on the real life drama that eventually unfolded while "MM" worked there, look-up news headlines on the Real Life & Death Scandal that occurred in The "Just Sweats Case". (Or see the books titled, "Insured for Murder" (2001), "Cheating Death" (1992), or the expose written in Vanity Fair (1992), New York Times, Los Angeles Times, NBC Nightly News, among many others -- also the TV episodes that aired on The Oprah Winfrey Show, about "America's Most Wanted" TV Series' most watched crime segment, truTV's - Forensic Files: Murder by the Book, Unsolved Mysteries, Snapped and many more...


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