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ABOUT US : Original Flavor®
market trends, with inclusive forward thinking ideas, and new technologies in services, which bring forth life as new opportunities for each of us. Whether it's new customers or our established clients, as well as our creative peers. It's what motivates us every day to provide progressively innovative ideas, greater skills & techniques to provide business solutions in our industry under one the other many ingredients within our Culturally Conscious and fair market business philosophy of...."WE GO" vs. "EGO." (sm) We combine multi-talents in production areas of skilled expertise to accomplish the goals of our clients with efficient results that set each client's product & services apart. We do so not only as Creative types, (right-brain) but we also employ a quantitative business mind-set (left-brain) with creative elements merged into innovative yet rational business concepts. All fully expressed as we share with you our passion for Art & Design, and for you as a client, by helping to put you on the "M.A.P." Creating effective "Marketing, Advertising and Promotional" Plans that begin with an effective Design that not only tells others what your Brand and/or Product does, but also why they should be confident to indulge in the service and/or buy the product you offer. Effective Plans combined with great Design expresses what a Brand or Product stands for and invites one to share in its beliefs. Of the many principle ingredients we share with our clients, this is of course very important and serves to guides us toward work that is relevant, believable, impressive, adaptable and memorable. Helping us to give our client's potential customers a reason to genuinely care about your product or service in the first place. Our ongoing research & experience reveal what many clients may have in common is that they initially started out as an individual or small entities with a good idea, which they now desire to parlay into being more established and grow into a larger more thriving company. Each ready to step up to the plate and fully compete with others in their marketplace. Eventually they must decide if they are going to become stagnate, maintain their current business strategy and initial identity image or progress to the next level with their growing client base and their expanding competitors. We work with you to strive and to continue to expand your target market and reinvigorate your needs by employing proven methods as well as progressively innovative originality in our services. With an ongoing unique history and diverse conduit network in various aspects of several industry markets, merging a collective blend of several Artistically creative operations into customized products and services as an evolving Visual Art Communication business entity of Original Self-Expression.....known as " ORIGINAL FLAVOR !" The source of our creative thrust can actually be defined by the two words of our name ~ ORIGINAL FLAVOR. Relentless Passion and Artistic Creativity in Self-Expression are the main ingredients that contribute to our enduring longevity, adaptability and continued success as well as our taste in collaboration with our client's needs. Relevant fresh thinking, creative vigor and the innovation of Originality in Self-Expression as we assume responsibility not only for our work but also for each client's success. We encourage ongoing dialogue, active participation in consultations and a mutual interface of ideas in the creative process to generate better symbol solutions, obtainable outcomes, and mutually beneficial business-oriented successful returns for you, even after the completion of the product in serving our clients. We see this as essential for both of us together to respectively embrace the ever-changing global "I AM....THAT....I AM"